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Save time and money. Increase efficiency. Trust the proven expertise and experience of Denver Area Express Courier. 

Serving the Denver area since 1983, Denver Area Express Courier is a locally owned company that’s proud to help businesses with dealer runner, logistical support, courier and delivery services.

What sets us apart? All of our drivers are company employees—not 1099 contractors. They are courteous, helpful, uniformed and insured. Stability and reliability are hallmarks of our company with the average tenure among full-time employees of five years.  


Our clients are auto dealers, insurance companies, banks, healthcare practices, hospitals, mortgage companies, accountants and more. In addition, we provide remote worker support for any type of company who transitioned to a remote workforce.

Any business that needs secure and reliable delivery and mail courier services, remote worker support or logistical support should give us a call today at 720-295-8717

We look forward to helping support your business. 

Meet The Executive Team


Mario Moranetz

Mario Moranetz, is the third owner of the company since its inception over 30 years ago.  Mario has expertise in management, sales and marketing, and finance. 


Randy Curl

Randy Curl, our Operations Manager, has been with Denver Area Express since 2015. He has been in the delivery and logistics industry for over 30 years.  He has experience as a driver, manager, and prior to joining our team, he managed a Logistics Warehouse for 12 years.

Are you looking to save time and money? Check the outsourced services we provide to see how we can support your business goals. 

Monthly cost of a staff driver


$ 2,400 — Wages 40 hours per week

$ 360 — Approx. FICA, Taxes, Time off, Admin Expense

$ 257 — Worker’s Compensation Insurance

$ 274 — Approx. Auto Liability  Policy*    

$ 52 — Business General Liability Insurance

$ 760 — Fuel (38 per day x 20 working days)

$ 122 — Approx. Repairs & Maintenance

$ 290 — Vehicle Depreciation

$ 4,515 — Monthly Total**


*The quoted rate assumes no tickets or accidents on MVR for the past 4 years and driver over the age of 25.

**Total does not include any allocation for management time, training, employee benefits, communications, administrative support or employee recruitment.

Call 720-295-8717 today to see how we can help your business save money and time. There is no contract to sign and it's easy to get started.

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