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We never take our healthcare services for granted. Trust us to help your practice run smoothly.

Friendly, Professional Medical Courier Services  


You can depend on the Denver Area Express Courier team to transport medical and dental items, paperwork, mail, supplies and more between your offices or to labs, clinics or hospitals. Our medical couriers are never contracted labor, they are company employees who are insured, in uniform and understand the special requirements under HIPPA.


Easy and secure process for medical courier services: 

  1. When security is paramount, we can provide locking delivery pouches to keep important records and supplies safe and secure. 

  2. We pickup envelopes/packages in the morning and deliver them to their destination the same day.


If you have standard deliveries for circulation of records, supplies and documents between locations, we will design a schedule customized to meet your needs. 

You never have to worry about time-sensitive medical records and supplies getting to their destination when you rely on Denver Area Express Courier.


Call 720-295-8717 today to see how we can help your healthcare practice save time and money. It's easy to get started with our medical courier services.

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