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More than 50 Denver-area car dealerships rely on us. You should too!

Benefits of Denver Area Express Courier Auto Dealer Runner Services


Our team is at every county location delivering and processing title work on behalf of our customers every day. Since we aggregate the work, we can process more in less time and with less driving than if you were to handle these tasks with your own employees. That’s economies of scale in action.


You never want title work from a deal to be delayed. Our uniformed and insured company employees drop and deliver title work quickly so you can close out deals faster and ensure title work is complete within statutory limits. Speed = fewer customer issues and lost sales.

​Reduced Liability Exposure

The more dealership vehicles you have on the road to move paperwork, the more you expose your dealership to liability issues. When you use Denver Area Express Courier, you never have to worry about what might happen on the road when you’re delivering or retrieving paperwork for your customers. 

Reduced Employee Expense and Management Time

Since we manage this process, you don’t have to. That includes hiring, training and managing personnel—some who have been employed with us for more than 10 years! This frees up your staff to focus on their areas of expertise.  

We currently serve these counties: 

  • Jefferson

  • Denver

  • Arapahoe

  • Douglas

  • Broomfield

  • Boulder

  • Adams


Below are some of the locations we routinely visit on behalf of our customers.

  • Canvas Credit Union

  • Dealers Auto Auction

  • Auto Industry Division

  • Sooper Credit Union

  • Manheim

  • Partners Credit Union

  • Colorado Auto Dealers Association

  • CUDC

  • Credit Union of Denver

  • Air Care Colorado

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Place your title work in a plastic packet that we provide and fill out a waybill with the packet’s destination. We pickup all of your title work and deliveries in the morning around 8:00 am. 

Step 2 

We take the work to the various counties and drop and/or process the work at the counter. About 90% of our “walk through” requests are completed on the same day as requested.

Step 3

We return all of the stamped drop sheets and processed title work back to your dealership the same day around 4:30 pm. We charge a small fee per packet of title work we process. 

Call 720-295-8717 today to see how we can help your dealership save money and time. There is no contract to sign and it is easy to get started.

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